Saturday, January 17, 2015

The role of religion during the Renaissance

St. Peter's Basilica took over 120 years to complete. Why was it so important for the Pope's to build this building? They believed it stood over the exact spot where St. Peter was buried.  The Church and Renissance artists worked together to create this beautiful and remarkable building.
One of the ways the church funded this massive building project was to sell indulgences. An indulgence was supposed to be a way for someone to pay for their dead relatives to get out of purgatory or be relieved from suffering for the sins they may have committed during their life. People eagerly paid for these, but this movement caused some people to start to break way from the church. We will learn more about this during our unit on the Reformation.
For now, write a complete paragraph ( at least five sentences) highlighting the two most interesting facts you learned about St. Peter's Basilica from the website. Then be sure to comment on at least two of your fellow classmates posts.

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