Friday, January 9, 2015

Renaissance Chapter one:A New Dawn

In the 1500, scholars had become very dissatisfied with the way things were. They wanted their people and lives to be better than they were. They spent many long hours studying ancient Greek and Roman records. They wanted their lives to be more refined and civilized like these ancient people had been. As these scholars learned more and more about these seemingly forgotten peoples, they began to share their ideals with others. They became known as Humanists because of their study of subjects called humanities such as history, language, and literature.
The things these scholars shared influenced many different aspects of their world at the time. This is what began the Renaissance movement. (Photo

Answer the following question in a comment below:

  • Thinking about our world today, what past civilization or people from history do you think would be most beneficial to study today? 
  • What impact to you think the people or time you chose would have on the world today if it was promoted as heavily as the ancient Greek and Romans were in the Renaissance?
  • What do you think would have happened to art if there had not been such a push toward Greek and Roman ideals?

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